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A Note on Quaker Ridge Dismissal

If your child attends Quaker Ridge School, you recently received a note from Dr. Gil outlining new dismissal procedures. We have long maintained that dismissal at QRS was not a safe environment for the school and the children. It was a very difficult problem to solve and we applaud Dr. Gil for addressing this issue head-on and coming up with a solution. We expect that this will initially cause some delay in dismissal and picking up your children. We implore you to work with the administration and please be patient. The security of all of our children simply must take priority over a few minutes of inconvenience that may, in fact, work itself out as we all get used to the new process. We cannot expect our administrators to improve security on their own. We, as parents, must show our support for their efforts. The school is, and will always be, our building and a comfortable, safe place for our children. Only as a community can we adopt common-sense practices to ensure safety for all.

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