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Inexcusable Delay in Implementing Interim Security Solutions

Members of this organization have been attempting to have an interim access control solution implemented for Quaker Ridge and Heathcote since April, 2018. As you may be aware, the security vestibules will be installed over the Summer to address what Altaris has identified as a critical security issue. Even the Board deemed it critical enough to warrant the expenditure of approximately $1 million to address. Yet, in the past ten months, the District and Board have been unable or unwilling to provide an interim solution for Quaker Ridge and Heathcote. At these two facilities, the secretaries are unable to adequately identify visitors at the door due to long or obstructed sightlines. We have proposed the installation of video doorbells or the hiring of a security guard through June. There is simply no reason to leave these facilities at a security disadvantage until the Fall. Unfortunately, our entreaties have been met with silence or responses that all items will go through a review process. We have been asking since April. How long does it take to install a video doorbell? Many of us have them in our homes yet this seems such a significant issue for the schools that after ten months, they still can’t take action.

Does this inaction, in the face of a critical, security shortcoming, reflect the confidence that we should have in our elected Board? Perhaps it more accurately reflects the true priority that the Board places in security, despite numerous statements to the contrary. The recent PTC survey found that parents placed security as one the top five budget priorities (50% placed it squarely at the top). Is the Board being responsive to your stated desires? Board members should be held accountable in the next School Board election. If you are not happy with current priorities, elect new members to the Board. That is your right. We will continue to monitor the work of the School Board Nominating Committee. In the meantime, please email the, and and demand better for our children.

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