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Letter from the Principal: Scarsdale Middle School

The Scarsdale Coalition for Safer Security applauds Meghan Troy, Principal of Scarsdale Middle School. The Scarsdale CSS had pointed out, on more than one occasion, that the lower circle entrances to the Middle School were unmonitored by an adult during morning drop-off. Ms. Troy sent the following letter to the Middle School community this morning. We thank the District for correcting this “gap” in security and hope that they will move more quickly to address other concerns raised by this group.

December 21, 2018

Dear Parents,

In an effort to make our building a safer place for students and staff, we are making some small changes to our arrival procedures. These changes will start on January 7th and involve entry into the building. Going forward, there will be two doors open in the building for entry during morning arrival. Both of these doors will open at 7:00 am and will be monitored by an adult. Students will be able to enter at the main entrance and on the auditorium side of the lower circle. As has been past procedure, all doors will be locked after arrival time and students will need to enter the building at the main entrance. The only impact students will feel is that they will not be able to enter the building on the gymnasium side of the lower circle.

As a reminder, unless students have early morning music rehearsal or a scheduled meeting

with a teacher, they should not arrive to school until 7:30 am. Students are welcome after

school Tuesday-Friday from 2:36-3:30. We have faculty meetings and professional development on Mondays and students should be picked up at 2:36. During after school time, they may receive extra help from a teacher, attend a club, work in the library, participate in intramurals, or play on a modified sports team. Unless they have a previously scheduled meeting, all students should have transportation home at 3:30. Recently, we have noticed a trend of students waiting for rides until 4:00 or even later. We understand that emergencies sometimes happen and pick-up may be delayed. However, we ask that this be the exception and not the norm. These procedures are in place to keep our students safe and supervised while in our building.

Thank you for your support.


Meghan Troy


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