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Why Can’t We Get Answers?

I have been a subscriber to the blog for a few months. I’m not fully sure how I feel about everything that is said here, but there is one thing that just doesn’t make sense. This group has asked countless questions and has yet to receive anything more than the most basic, general responses. It makes me think that the District Administration is hiding things from us and that is not acceptable, especially when it comes to the safety of my kids. Why did it take 14 minutes to call the police during the QRS bomb threat? Why did it take 12 minutes to call the police during the SMS lock down? Why don’t they use the expertise of security professionals who live in Scarsdale? Why haven’t my kids been trained in what to do if there is a lock down and the teacher isn’t there or they are in the hallway? There are far too many good questions that are being ignored. If the Board won’t ask these questions then we, as parents, must.

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